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Scroll through to see young people's take on the global climate emergency, and the work that they are doing to fight against climate change.
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Waraba by Sam Alward

Waraba by Sam Alward

“This piece is named “Waraba”, meaning “Turtle” in Gamilaraay language. The ocean has always been an important aspect to Indigenous culture, with Turtles being prominent in Dreamtime, and is the totem for many mobs. I have always felt a personal connection to them, and have been fascinated by them my whole life. I hope this artwork connects with others like it has for me.” - Sam Alward


About the Creator

Samantha Alward (@miriigilay on Instagram), also known as “Miriigilay,” is a Gomeroi and Biripi woman and Indigenous artist located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland (Gubbi Gubbi Country).

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