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Scroll through to see young people's take on the global climate emergency, and the work that they are doing to fight against climate change.
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Powering Music and Protecting the Planet by AY Young

Powering Music and Protecting the Planet by AY Young

My name is AY Young and I’m the founder of “Battery Tour”. I’m here to inspire action. I’m here to help motive and inspire us to take one action towards our one planet so we can build the future we want to live in. I’m here to be a plug, an “outlet” for you to connect and plug into your passions. I’m here to get the world plugged-in to sustainability.

First, and foremost we have to all realize that we are all “outlets” for change. We must understand that not only is collaboration key for humans to survive but only through collaboration will we solve the climate crisis and achieve global goals.

I don’t need 800 words to tell you guys that we are out of time. So I took my talent to the street. I’ve performed over 800+ concerts around the world powered 100% by renewable energy. This Battery Tour was to raise awareness for sustainability, to prove what is possible through using music as a vehicle, and above all else, it was my attempt at one action every day.

I’m not here to talk about all the bad. I’m here to inspire action and movement. You (whoever is reading this article) must realize you are an “outlet” for change. I’ve opened for Wiz Khalifa, Shaggy, T-Pain, Aaron carter powered by fossil fuels.

I spend years playing in venues that were destroying my planet. I was a hypocrite for years without even realizing it.

A few years ago I obsessed over how to power a concert using renewable energy only. Once I figured out Energy Storage is the key. Once I figured out Energy is the base resource all humans need. I knew I might have found a way, found my way to make an impact to end the climate crisis.

I realize that I can’t fix this issue alone. I realize we have to all do our part daily in order to combat this crisis.

For me, it starts with music. Music is a universal language. Music can incite crowds, inspire ideas, move nations, energize your soul, and activate your mind. Music can change everything. So hey guys. Be you. Be an “outlet” for change. Get plugged-in to the world and people around you. And above all else join me now in helping to get the world...plugged in!


About the Author

AY Young is an SDG Young Leader Class of 2020. AY is a producer, singer, songwriter, entertainer, and entrepreneur. He first began writing poetry at 14, a reaction to the great disparity in Kansas City known as “the Troost divide” While touring the USA, AY learned that over 1 billion people lack access to electricity. So AY began powering concerts using renewable energy, raising awareness about sustainability, and fundraising to bring people electricity. Thus, the Battery Tour was born and has plugged in 17 countries to date. Read AY's full profile here.

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